Looking for Wine Mississippi is a growing coalition of more than 5,500 Mississippians who support allowing wine sales in grocery stores. We want to see our state laws updated so we can buy wine where we shop for food.


Our time is a precious commodity, and being able to buy wine with groceries is more convenient and saves time.


The Looking for Wine coalition, whose efforts are funded by both large and small/independent grocery stores, is building public support for a ‘wine sales in grocery stores’ bill to be introduced in the upcoming state legislative session.


Thirty-nine other states, including Mississippi’s surrounding states, have already said “YES!” to wine sales in grocery stores, and we’re asking our state legislators to say the same for Mississippi.


Watch for more information from our coalition in your local grocery stores and neighborhoods and on Looking for Wine’s social media. And visit our Join Now! page to sign up for updates and get involved!

Legal Notice

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